So, a three week absence rendered this kid more talkative, not that she wasn’t talking and talkative, but she’s much more of a conversationalist now. Oh, and she’s bossy.

While I was gone mom sent me a video of Zoe swinging on her belly. Chris and I then proceeded to randomly say “I swinging” and “I flying” and “You try, you try” which is everything she said in the video.

As for the bossy part it is mostly from things we’ve told her, sit there, stay there, be nice. While we were swinging she told me to “sit down, right there” and would have pushed me down if I’d of let her. I sat down nicely while she swang (swinged?).

Then she has her little dreamer moments, which I’m partial to as well, just staring off in space for no reason and zoning out.

Really, she’s just too cute. She makes us laugh!

She can say some Z words now, zipper and zebra, but she still comes out with Z-Woey. I think she does it because she knows we like it and giggle at it and it will get her some attention. But, I’m kinda like Stephanie in not wanting her to say Zoe to soon because that just means she’s growing up. We’ll probably call her Z-Woey for her whole life.

She loves to play bubbles and I snapped her out of a crabby mood by suggesting bubbles. I tried to tell her she had to put it closer to her mouth to get a bubble to come out and of course it went straight to her lips.


She’s an entertaining kid! I asked Zoe the other day what she was thinking about and I obviously didn’t get an answer, but mom replied that she was wondering the same thing. I bet next year she can tell us what she’s thinking. Probably that we’re idiots for staring at her all the time and making her laugh and do silly things. She tells me, sometimes, “Aunt T silly”.

Love her!


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