Podunk, Texas

Hi, yes this is me at work. Ah, don’t I look so in fashion with my PPE’s? (That would be OSHA lingo for personal protective equipment.) Wearing a helmet in the woods blows, but when you are walking around near big swamp buggies equipped with drill rigs, you might get hit by a tree or […]


Hi there! I’ve been super busy and now that I’ve started a temporary job I will be working 10+ hour days for the next whenever. Yep, whenever. We were told 10 on, 4 off, but apparently that isn’t quite the way it works. Some people have been working three weeks on, a week off, some […]

Grapevine Botanic Gardens

Driving around Grapevine the other day we saw a sign for the Grapevine Botanic Gardens and for as long as I’ve been in Texas (minus the 8 years in Florida) I had no idea they existed. We thought they might charge to get in, but nope, they are free! Honestly, I loved it more than […]

Love That Shot Contest

I normally don’t do contests and almost didn’t enter this one, but I decided that even though I don’t really like Photoshop Actions, I could handle winning some of the black and white actions that are available since I love me some black and white as seen in my submission below. Taken a few weeks […]

Trail Tales 6: Erwin to Damascus

Pertinent Posts: V is for Virginia 400 Amy and Me TN/Virginia Border Laurel Creek Falls Leaving Erwin was difficult as usual when leaving a town. Spring was coming out in Erwin and the town was one of the bigger towns we’d been to thus far, complete with a Sonic and Walgreens. We left out and […]

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