*Contest: Name That Fauna*


Contest Rules:
Take a stab at what the animal is in this photo by Friday at 6pm CST. The first person to guess correctly will win an 8×12 open edition print of your choosing from our new photo website and gallery that will be debuting in a few short days. My apologies to those who are not heavily interested in wildlife, but we’ll have another contest soon, I promise! If no one guesses by the closing on Friday I will post a second photo hint.


  • Chris

    Wow, beating Prem must mean I got it right….can’t wait to find out! Fun contest, Misti!

    BTW, I saw Paul M. at the South Miami Art Show Saturday and his booth was busy! I was very happy for him to see so many people interested in his work. Hope he made some $$$. I bought one of the show posters, but can’t believe he gets zero compensation for them. Guess the “free” advertising is supposed to be good enough.

    We’re camping at Bear Island this weekend. I’ll be thinking of you guys alot and wishing you were out there with us 🙁

  • footTRAX

    Hey Chris
    I will be camping Bear Island on Friday night. It’s start of general gun season, so I hope I get a spot.

    Picture— King Cobra LOL

  • Chris

    Nevermind…I got the BC WMA brochure…damn damn damn…and I thought I’d have a nice quiet weekend out there! Well, worse comes to worse, I’ll check out the sites on Loop Road. Damn. 🙁

  • Chris

    No coords, but I know where they’re at. I don’t like the others off Tamiami…I like to camp primitive without other people breathing down my neck! The last time we camped out there, some season started the next morning…it was busy, but still had spots available. Guess that’s what I’ll have to hope for. We planned on spending Sat and Sun nights out there.

  • footTRAX

    No, I’m going to the Fakahatchee Strand Sat&Sun to do a little swamp hiking.
    I’m camping at Collier State Park on Saturday, but I need a free campsite Friday night.

  • Chris

    We’re heading out there Saturday. Plan to take a couple friends to do “Share the Music” and “K2″…maybe “Fakahatchee Trail”, too. I’m just really psyched to go camping. It’s been too long. Oh, Misti…if you’re reading this…Paul M. is going to be camping out in the Fakahatchee this weekend, too…in a friend’s hunt shack. I am totally jealous!

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