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Introducing Wildscape Photo

We have finally launched our photography website! Please take a look around, poke through our galleries and tell us what you think. Hopefully you see something you like and are interested and will purchase some fine art photographybut if you don’t, keep in mind we still have more photos to work through and will be adding more over the next few months. I will be showing some of them here and will update you when I add more…I know I have some butterfly orchids and more swamp photos to share than what is represented on my page. Keep in mind that Christmas is coming and photography is always a unique gift to give.

We aren’t quitting our day jobs (yet!…oh, wait, we already did that last February! hah!), but we do hope to share a little bit of our work with everyone else and to keep funding our creative adventures. I really hope to do some portrait sessions soon, especially when this job settles down and we are able to not work 21 days in a row for 10 hours a day in the middle of nowhere. If you are interested please shoot me an email and I will tell you when I might be back in the DFW area and we can try to schedule something.

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