Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past

Since I am having a very uneventful Thanksgiving I thought I’d post a few links to previous Thanksgivings. Well, at least the four that I still have up on this blog.

2009: Last year we walked 70 miles from Lake Okeechobee to the Atlantic Ocean in preparation for the AT. It was our first major multi-day hike like this and well, it was rougher terrain than I expected. Florida is flat, I’ll give you that, but walking through saw palmettos and climbing over their long trunks can be tiring, and then stepping in pig ruts for long stretches also wears you thin. But, overall it was an awesome experience and aside from walking the chunk of the Florida Trail in Big Cypress this felt like a big deal. Now it seems like such a minute thing, something I could knock out in three days instead of four like we did. Just looking at those photos makes me realize how out of shape I was. Ick.

2008: In 2008 we went to Jacksonville to spent time with friends. We did some eating, exploring and saw St. Augustine, the oldest city in the U.S. I really love that area of Florida, it is vastly different than south Florida. Michelle and Robert are now moving back to Texas so we will get to see them again when they get settled in.

2007: We actually went home for Thanksgiving! If you look closely in the photos at Stephanie maybe you will see Zoe—she was pregnant but didn’t know it yet!

2006: I can’t get the post to work so I will show a few photos from this year. We went camping at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, probably one of the least visited parks in Florida but well worth going because it is quiet and there is a lot of hiking trails and wildlife.
We went camping with our friends Randy and Kathy and had a blast! Oh, we were also quite goofy as you can tell!

I’m praying for a rain day tomorrow so I can catch up on some sleep and go see Harry Potter in Nacogdoches!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


  • kAt

    Hey, I know those people! Saw the post on facebook and the photo looked very familiar at the thumbnail size 😉 We were talking about our Thanksgivings with you on the way over to the west coast of Florida yesterday. Good times! Can’t wait to come out and see you guys and Robert, Michelle, and Bobby in the same trip!

    On this Thanksgiving, more than any before, we are so thankful for the good friends in our lives 😉

  • Patrice

    I went back and read the post about your warm-up hiking trip last year. I don’t think I realized you did that. As much as I’m glad we did our VT warm-up trip, I have a feeling that nothing can really prepare you for the trail …

    Happy Thanksgiving and hope you got that rain day! Going to read your Massachusetts recap tomorrow:)

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