2010 in Review

In January: I learned how to use the reverse lens technique for taking macro photos—my newest obsession! I finished Ashleigh’s blanket a mere few days before she arrived. And then the little bit was born at 1lb 1oz on January 21st. Photo from my brother and SIL. It seems like so long ago but yesterday, […]

Book Review and a Cold

Patrice had sent me the Barefoot Sisters Southbound and the companion book Barefoot Sisters Walking Home. They were pretty easy reads once I got going and despite her recommendation to read the northbound first, I decided to go southbound since it was their first book and because that part of the trail was still fresh […]

Snippets of Christmas

Chris and I had four Christmas meals, his mom and step-dad, his dad and step-mom, my parents, and my SIL’s mom and dad’s house. *phew* that was a lot of food! I think I managed not to overeat, though and I did steer clear from some heavy desserts. We did pretty good on presents, too; […]

Misti’s Christmas Top 10

Top 10 Christmas Movies: A Christmas Story: my all time favorite Christmas movie…24 hours of it on TNT is perfect! It’s a Wonderful Life: preferably in black and white Bridget Jones’ Diary: a turkey-curry buffet…need I say more? “The gravy needs sieving!” “Oh, just stir it, Una!” Love Actually: so much love in this movie […]

A Retro Christmas

Since I am at home this year I went back and picked out some fun past-Christmas photos from growing up. Here’s what I found: A very young mom with a little kid! Santa Claus, aka: Uncle Gary! I knew it was him! Barbie Ferrari! SWEET! I loved this thing. I wonder if it is in […]

Of Sycamores and Endings

Yesterday Chris found a gigantic leaf in the woods that turned out to be an American Sycamore. It is almost 18″ in width and the little Chris has found on the internet it seems that the largest so far is only 15.5″. Perhaps this is a record? If anyone out there can find more information, […]


Karen at Chookooloonks is posting some photos of her recent trip down to Galveston and it reminded me that I never got around to posting photos from when we went in early October. We drove down to go to the TAMUG All Class Reunion and to visit some friends while we were there. Living in […]

Trail Tales 16: New Hampshire

Relevant posts: The Whites: A Definition After crossing into New Hampshire we followed the trail along the road that leads to Dartmouth College and it opened up into what I’d imagined an Ivy League university to look like. It was sprawling, had many old buildings and a large, open field was situated in the middle […]

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