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Karen at Chookooloonks is posting some photos of her recent trip down to Galveston and it reminded me that I never got around to posting photos from when we went in early October. We drove down to go to the TAMUG All Class Reunion and to visit some friends while we were there. Living in Galveston was very fun while in college. I lived there from 1998 until 2002 when I graduated and we moved to Florida. There were many instances where ditching class occurred in favor of the beach. I remember thinking I’d go and study on the beach—hahahahahaha! Yeah, right!

Anyway, it was nice to see some old haunts again. I’d been two times prior to this trip since graduation. Once for our friend Wes’ funeral and the second time when my friend Erika was having her baby shower, both prior to Hurricane Ike walloping the island. When we turned onto 61st street and drove over Offats Bayou it was incredibly clear that there was major damage. Many homes along the shore of the bayou were gone and the trees—oh the trees—they were just gone. Not just hurricane damage had changed the island, but new stores were built, old ones were gone, the place was the same and yet different.

We hit the east end for a tour of the tree sculptures made from oak trees that were killed in the storm.




We hit a few old haunts like Sportsman’s Road on the backside of the island. Several field labs were held here.




Salt marshes at Galveston Island State Park. I love me some salt marshes!



fishshell copy
We drove down to San Luis Pass where Chris spent many hours fishing with his friends.



I am completely jealous of the new marine biology and marine science building. It is so spectacular and high-tech….I remember some very cramped lab spaces in Kirkham Hall.

Drink time! Erika, Chris and Scott.

Lifeboat on the new training vessel.

Chris and Scott hamming it up on the new vessel. Chris, Erika and I sailed on the Texas Clipper II the summer before our freshman year. I met Michelle and many of my closest friends on the boat while sailing through the Panama Canal and around south and central America.

Leaving a note for the interim TAMUG President, Mr. Hearn.

Mmm, lab!

The mural in the new building is spectacular! It beats the heck out of the ones that were in the CLB.

And that was our little Galveston trip. Then we came to work for two and half months, day after day in the Piney Woods.

I miss Galveston, but I mostly miss the people that I made the memories with.

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