A Retro Christmas

Since I am at home this year I went back and picked out some fun past-Christmas photos from growing up. Here’s what I found:

A very young mom with a little kid!

Santa Claus, aka: Uncle Gary! I knew it was him!

Barbie Ferrari! SWEET! I loved this thing. I wonder if it is in the attic still?

I noticed that a lot of our photos involved us holding up the things we got.

This actually could be Thanksgiving one year, but it was with Christmas photos. My grandad and uncle with mom, curt and me.

Rollerskates! Once I got rollerblades, though, I never went back. I always fell on my skates and would catch myself with my wrists and it hurt so much!

Gotta love our old kitchen! Well, it’s the same kitchen my parents have now, but this is the 80s version!

All the cousins together!

We used this drawing board for playing school and there were many afternoons spent outside on the pogo stick! Like my acid washed jeans?

My brother and I spent hours playing with the race track, trying to get them to fly off and race each other.


It’s the 90s and I’m trying to be soooo cool! That sweater by the way was one of my favorites.

I wanted this leather jacket so bad when we were out shopping once at Hulen Mall. I thought I just wouldn’t get it so much to my surprise when I opened the box on Christmas…one of my favorite Christmas presents ever. I wore that thing out and it developed a large hole in the arm before high school was finished.



I found some other real treasures in the albums, including one where I think my dad should have been a member of Van Halen, and many photos that have some shots of my mom making faces that I know I make now. And dude, my hair was *blonde* 10 years ago. Like, bleach. *sniff* I miss that!

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