Trail Tales 15: Vermont

Relevant posts: The Green Mountains Mrrr Rain. Stinky Rain. Today is Free Slurpee Day, and Misti’s Birthday Wildflowers and Such Random Shots from Vermont Hello Vermont! This was a state I was most looking forward and thought it would go on my list of favorites, but while it was beautiful it did not make a […]

“I’m on Fire”

Sunday night I sat down to catch up on the latest Grey’s Anatomy on my computer (oh, tv on the internet…pretty sweet!) and once the episode was done I wan’t ready to take my headphones off. I started flipping through YouTube looking for songs to listen to. I started with Tori Amos and then saw […]

An Afternoon with Zoe

The last day we were home for our break, Thursday, my dad took off work to spend the day with us. Zoe got her schedule rearranged and ended up staying with Mimi for the day instead of going to her other grandparents like she normally does on Thursdays. For lunch we headed to Southlake to […]


Sometimes when I get a bit overwhelmed I just stop writing. Things get so cluttered in my head that I have to put it all down and step back. I think in my head but just lose the urge to write when I get home. I’ve been a bit more stressed than usual because two […]

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