Suburban Jungle

So after doing our slackpacking the other day we did an easy 13-14 mile day on Tuesday because we thought it was going to start storming sometime after lunch. We’d stopped at an RV resort to fill up our water before walking three more miles to the campsite which we arrived to at 1pm. Cloudy, […]

Two Weeks Down…

Hello! I am alive! We are in Titusville at a Trail Angel’s house for the night. He’d contacted us prior to our hike about our propsects of doing the east side of Lake Okeechobee and told us they were doing work and had been kicked off recently. Then he said when we got to the […]

Happy Birthday Ashleigh

Happy Birthday baby girl. Your mom would’ve made you the best birthday cake. Your dad would have flicked cake at your mom again. Your big sister would have probably helped feed you the cake. And we would have all been there for a grand jamboree. We miss you and love you.

The Sunshine State

Well, we’re here in Fort Lauderdale and well, aside from 595 having an insane amount of construction, Florida is the same. It’s warm in January, all the invasive species are still out and about (Brazilian pepper, melaleuca, Australian pines, iguanas, monk parakeets) and all of the tropical plants make me want to garden like crazy. […]

2011–The Year of Possible???

It took me awhile to come up with my word for the year. 2011 is a year of a fresh, blank book with crisp white pages to be written. The first few chapters have been sketched out, the Florida Trail, but haven’t been written yet. The rest after that are full of possibilities. It’s Misti’s […]

The Pink Mustang

Zoe got a car for Christmas from Santa. We hadn’t seen her drive it yet until yesterday and boy was that fun! She has a radio in the car and her dad told her to dance so she sticks her arm out and does a little funk dance! She’s mastered the part of accelerating but […]

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