New Years Eve in downtown Ft. Worth

Having grown up in the suburbs of Ft. Worth I am partial to this town versus its neighbor Dallas. I love walking through the streets, checking out the old buildings and when the Tandy Center was still in existence, my friends and I would drive down to the subway that took you to the Tandy Center and we’d go shopping or ice skating and then walk around Main Street or Sundance Square. It’s an easily maneuverable city and in the past several years has seen a revitalization on the west side of the town. I particularly love the arts district on the west side and with the new shopping and loft housing in the area it has a nicer appeal than it used to.

On NYE we went downtown during the day to sightsee and get out for a bit. It was chilly and the wind tunneled through the streets between the buildings. Lots has changed, art galleries that I remember were gone, Billy Miner’s restaurant was gone, but there is a lot of new stuff to see and I was glad to have gone.

I hadn’t seen the Ft. Worth Water Gardens in ages and thought it might be busy but there weren’t many people there. The water was also not running for the winter season.



My mom.




I’d forgotten about the ‘mountain’ you could climb!



Dad climbing the ‘mountain’.

We walked over to the Omni hotel afterwards to warm up and get some coffee.


Dad reminisced about the many times he volunteered with other parents from my softball team in highschool, working the vending booths during various concerts and boat shows. I remembered doing it at least once and wondered why the players didn’t do it more.


A Chris portrait of me. My hair has gotten long!





I’m fond of all the ornate decorations on the buildings.

A little courtyard near Sundance Square. I have some real black and white film that I shot during an art class field trip. We were supposed to take photos I think to come back and draw from. I remember trying to draw an opposite view of this courtyard and failing miserably!


Reata restaurant in the old Caravan of Dreams club.

My dad wanted me to take the photo on the right so I did…he seemed excited for me process it and so here it is—is it as cool as you thought it would be, dad? I like it in b&w more than in color…what do you think?

When we get back from our hike I want to do a lot more walking around downtown and the arts district, taking similar photos. Maybe spend a couple days seeing what I can see!

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2 thoughts on “New Years Eve in downtown Ft. Worth

  1. Patrice says:

    Your hair is really long!!!! I can’t wait to cut mine … doing it right before the hike and donating it. I haven’t had short hair in 10 years or so!

  2. mlittle says:

    I am thinking about cutting it when I get back from the FT. It is very tangly from dyeing it last summer! I will probably donate it too!

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