A Conversation


First off, it should be said that since we have come home from the Florida Trail Zoe has been much more interested in Uncle Chris than before we left. I am pretty sure this is because he plys her with sugar. Alas, she has taken to wanting to do everything with “Both you guys!” Or rather “Bofh you guys!”

Last week sometime I was sprawled out on the floor of my parents living room, Chris was at the kitchen table working on some fishing lures and Zoe was standing next to the glass door to the back yard wanting us to go outside. She’d just said she wanted to outside with “Bofh you guy!” and this is how the rest of the conversation went.

Uncle Chris: We’re not all guys.
Aunt T: Yeah, Chris is a guy, I’m a girl.
Zoe: No.
Aunt T: No? I’m not a girl? What am I?
Zoe: Aunt T.

Well then.

She’s so cute!

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