Zooing with Zoe

Wee little Zoe loves the zoo and we love taking her! We went out for a little adventure last week with Mimi and Uncle Chris so she could see all the animals. Her favorites included the elephants, giraffes, penguins, alligators and crocodiles.

An elephant enjoying a dirt bath!


Enamored with the crocodiles! I’m kinda surprised she likes them so much!

Sharing a drink with Mimi.

Spring is coming!!

Looking at the gazelle’s. We initially walked by them and then she got excited and had to go back and check them out.

I didn’t take a lot of photos and was much more in the moment instead. I’m just amazed at how excited she is with all the animals and I’m glad she has an affinity for them. Maybe another zoo trip will happen in the near future!

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