Spring Link Roundup

Things are starting to flush out in green here and a few things are blooming. However, it is very dry here and we need some rain to get more spring wildflowers growing here in Texas. Flower photos to come!

First up, I added a widget that allows you to bookmark a blog posting in a social networking site or to email it. It will be at the very end of a post. Yes, I know I am decades behind in this trend, but I thought it would be very useful for the posts that are most interesting (I’m hoping there are some!). So, there ya go!

And a few links to share:
+ It’s MS Awareness Week.
+ My Flickr friend and fellow photographer Heather Green has a super awesome article in the St. Petersburg Times regarding the Florida panthers she saw a few months ago in Fakahatchee Strand. Makes me miss the swamps a bit and want to get out and explore around here!
+ Found via MCP Action yesterday is a cool blog called Shoot Tokyo with photos of the aftermath of the earthquake.
+ My friend Connie from college lost her triplet boys in a too-early childbirth last March and it is now a year since they were born and died. She has written about what happened that day and a lot of the grief and recovery during the past year on this blog. She’s currently expecting twin girls this summer (yay!). Before clicking on the link, it should be known there are photos of the boys on her blog and if you are not emotionally ready or faint-hearted be careful. The boys were even at a younger development stage than my niece Ashleigh was so it might be shocking to some. That aside, it is a beautiful blog and makes me miss my friend a lot. Connie’s sister is doing a photoblog of her current pregnancy and the photos are beautiful!
+ I found a recipe for bleu cheese dressing that I really must make.
+ And another recipe from Oh She Glows, Creamy, Cheesy, Tomato Risotto…mmmmm!

That’s it for today’s link roundup! Any items you have to share?

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