Finished Works—Crochet

I started these socks back in September with hopes of finishing them up for fall. That didn’t happen. Well, actually they were done before Christmas but I didn’t sew the toes up. It took another 1,000 miles of hiking for me to get around to that. So, here they are, finished and complete, but gigantic. They are more like booties for wearing around the house rather than socks. I don’t know if my gauge was off or I should’ve made a smaller size, but nonetheless they are finished and I don’t think I’ll be making socks any time soon.

I had leftover yarn and thought I’d made a scarf but there wasn’t quite enough yarn to make it long enough. Instead I sewed up the ends and made a cowl. I think it will come in handy next fall and winter. It’s a simple shell stitch, nothing too difficult.

Now I am starting on a baby blanket for my nephew who is due at the end of August or early September. Big Lots, a discount store that gets excess items from other stores, had tons of yarn and enough to pick through to put together a blanket. Loving these colors so far.

I did all of this in the afternoon yesterday while watching old episodes of Dead Like Me.

On a roll now and want to work on some other crochet projects that I have in my head. More fun stuff ahead!

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3 thoughts on “Finished Works—Crochet

  1. Kathy Hunt says:

    Wow! Looks like you’re being so productive 😉 *LOVE* the colors in the afghan for your nephew…and congratulations on that!

  2. Sara says:

    I LOVE the cowl! I want one! 🙂

  3. I love them! …And aren’t you so cute in your pictures. 🙂
    The socks look comfy. I would probably never want to take them off.
    And I think it’s so exciting that we’re both getting nephews this year. My Sis has 3 weeks left.

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