A Good Day

Yesterday…. +Breakfast with my mom at Bacon’s with a Groupon coupon. Tried a salmon eggs benedict—delish! I love me some hollandaise! +A trip to the Parker County/Weatherford Farmers Market despite cooler weather and clouds. Bought some veggies for dinner and browsed at the plant selection. Can’t wait to go back when Parker County peaches come […]

Being Green

I’m trying to re-think my enviro ways a bit and go at it a little harder. When you see a coworker use the same styrofoam cup over and over and over again you kind of realize that you could do that too. Or, just bring the cups you were supposed to down to where you […]

Gayle’s Roses

My mother in law has beautiful roses and they are always blooming like crazy. She has some in the ground in the back yard but she also has these gigantic tubs of them in her driveway. One side of her driveway is lined in roses and the other in tomatoes. It’s a pretty neat way […]

2800 Miles Ago

Today is April 20th. And in pot smoking lingo it is 4/20. Now, I’ve never smoked pot but I do know some of the lingo and when I saw that it was 4/20 I remembered that we were on a ridge above Watauga Lake in Tennessee, somewhere near the 420 mile mark. I remembered this […]

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