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These chairs used to be at my grandfather’s house and now sit at my parent’s house. Last summer they worked on getting him to a retirement complex and kept some key items from around the house and yard. They used to sit on an old concrete pad that my brother and I would play on growing up.

~*~Avgolemono Soup recipe…looks delicious!
~*~Spinach risotto recipe…made this one a week or so ago. Loved it! I’d only made risotto one other time and it took much longer than this one did.
~*~Patrice and her husband have made it official, they’ll be hiking southbound on the AT in June! It’s been awesome getting to know Patrice over the last year. She found my blog through Trail Journals before we started our hike and we were lucky enough to be able to meet them at Franconia Notch in New Hampshire for some trail magic and a trip to a restaurant in town. I only wish we were close to the trail to reciprocate, but I feel like some trail magic via the USPS will be in the works!
~*~Been following these two on their NOBO journey to Katahdin.
~*~Found Turtle Tree Seeds and will keep an eye out for them for next year.
~*~London vs Paris a blog collaborative.
~*~Use Real Butter blog

On the job front we are going back to the company we temped for in the fall to do another project starting this weekend. It’s down in Beaumont and will be in the Big Thicket National Preserve. I’m looking forward to this as it will involve a lot of exploring and doing more scientific work than the last project. We’ll be on two weeks and then get a week or two off while they go back to the office to do some mapping and paper work and then another month or month and a half in the field again.

I’ve had one interview since I’ve been home at a position that I really would love to have. They haven’t been given the ok to start hiring yet as the projects haven’t started and well, they would like to bill to a project and not to overhead. *so*. I’m going on another today that I would probably enjoy to some extent but it isn’t in the direct field that I am interested in. We’ll see!

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