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Corallorhiza wisteriana, spring coralroot orchid

After finding the flowering plant of spring coralroot orchid at Texoma a week ago Chris and I wanted to find more to get better photos. I asked the folks at Tandy Hills if they’d seen any there but they answered with a negative. My next step was to ask the Fort Worth Nature Center and I got a positive answer. We weren’t quite sure where we might find them other than near the river area and in shaded leaf litter so we set off for the Riverbottom trail.

We walked for twenty minutes or so and then Chris spotted some that already had seed pods. *drat*. We kept walking and found a larger colony and none in flower. We were too late. At least next year we will know where to look and what time of year to attempt it.

coral root
They are very unassuming and could easily be missed.

spring coral root

seed pod 2
Would love to see these flowers through my reverse macro lens!

Prem sent me a Texas newspaper link regarding the blooming of Texas native orchids and why you should not pick the orchids. I think that in general folks in Florida are familiar with orchids and the legality of taking orchids (though some still get taken) but since Texas orchids are a little more subtle and not as well known it is good to get the word out—leave ’em be!

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