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Where the 20 & 30 year olds have as much fun as the 2.5 year old.


We should’ve used a wax pencil but instead went with tape. Chris did the Z, I did the AT symbol.

Mom had the best idea of buying a tablecloth to put down instead of splashing newspapers everywhere. Worked well, too, because I knocked a bowl of coloring over and so did Zoe.

Zoe had a ton of fun! Stephanie, her mom and my SIL, said that the adults were having too much fun and it was supposed to be for the kid. I hadn’t done this in, oh, maybe 20 years, maybe less, so it was a blast revisiting a childhood craft.


Curt had a lot of fun in between watching the Ranger game!

After the coloring was done Zoe crawled across the the table to give butterfly kisses to Mommy and Mimi!

Can’t wait to color more eggs next year!

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