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I’m trying to re-think my enviro ways a bit and go at it a little harder. When you see a coworker use the same styrofoam cup over and over and over again you kind of realize that you could do that too. Or, just bring the cups you were supposed to down to where you were going to work! Duh!

My goals for the next two months when we go back to work:
+Take my own leftover container when going to restaurants.
+Always use my own cup or mug when I can.
+Take recycling to a higher level and recycle everything I can.
+Rethink items I buy or am thinking of buying and buy items that are: organic, local, have less packaging, fair trade, or as good as green as I can get ’em. This will probably not always be possible but I’d like to try!
+Go vegetarian. I went for a week once but I’d like to see if I can do it for the whole two months. I might have a one day cheat if I feel like it. We’ll see. I need some lunch and breakfast ideas so send them my way. Lunch needs to be field worthy, so something I can make in a hotel room easily and not require heating at lunch.
+Not really a ‘green’ thing, but take one non-internet day a week in the evenings and focus on crafts or hanging out with Chris.

Yesterday’s green move was doing a 4 mile round trip walk to the grocery store to pick up a prescription; got my walk in and an errand and skipped using the car to do it. I also made it home about twenty minutes before a thunderstorm ran through!

Anything else I should add? Drop a comment and give me an idea on how I can be a bit greener!

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  • Patrice

    Good for you! I am constantly trying to find new ways to go green. I like the bringing your own leftover container! What a great idea. Although some places now have compostable containers (at least around here we noticed that). We are lucky because our town recycles everything and makes it very easy.

    One new thing that I’ve tried to do this year is reduce “vampire power.” Most people leave their cell phone charger plugged in even when you are not charging your phone. I think I heard this kind of thing can add up to 20% energy savings per month! (Don’t quote me)

    We reuse foil, saran, paper towels, but most people think it’s gross. My family hates visiting us for that reason!!!!

    Anyways, thanks for the ideas and good luck!

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