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Big Thicket Pitcher Plant Trail


pitcher 3

pitcher 2

pitcher 4

pitcher 5

On our way home from Beaumont we stopped by the Pitcher Plant Trail in the Turkey Creek Unit of the Big Thicket. We showed up just after sunrise, Chris was a bit miffed we didn’t get there a few minutes prior, but I think it worked out anyway. We’d been to this trail before last November but the pitcher plants weren’t blooming or looking too swift. Now they were blooming and looking great!

It’s only about an hour from Beaumont so I’m sure we’ll end up there again during our next two months in Beaumont.

I tried the white background thing again but it wasn’t that great, however I got a few shots that were blog worthy. Then I slapped the red filter on for some black and white photography, something I hadn’t done in quite awhile. I think I’ll be hitting that up more in the coming weeks.

I’ll be working on updating photos to the Wildscape website in the coming weeks and include a select few from the pitcher plant trail. My favorites are the last diptych.

Pitcher plants, this particular species is Sarracenia alata, are carnivorous and will digest unassuming bugs that fly into the plant. More information on this species and others.


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