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I could be here…

Misti and her Dad - Sunset @ Rice Field Shelter
May 4, 2010, Rice Field Shelter in Virginia, Appalachian Trail

It doesn’t fail. There are always particular days that throw me back to last year. March 13: Started the trail, April 20: Getting close to Damascus, May 4: Dad comes to hike, Ashleigh slips away while we have a beautiful sunset.

I wish I was out there again and I wish she wasn’t gone. But of course I’m done with the trail and she really has left.

See, it really is about the memories you make, the little moments in time that somehow seal themselves to your soul. Eventually we may have scratchy brains that struggle to remember the exact date, place or name, but the memory is there.

I just like to try to hold on to them as long as I can.

There will be more dates, Memorial Day: Harper’s Ferry with Meghan and Jesse, Father’s Day: Tiorati Circle…..

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