Retro Writings

I’ve been writing here in some variation this blog for 9 years now. I started on a blogspot account rambling some crazy stuff, doing some weird memes and well, a lot of non-sense. That I won’t show you, but I will dig up some goodies that you may have missed if you haven’t been reading since the good ol’ days! Blogging has evolved a lot and my initial readers were some internet friends and my family so my audience was different. I’m not sure what my audience is now, but I am trying to at least write better content instead of rambling.

Anyway, I thought I’d dig out some posts you may have missed, plus it gives me the opportunity to review my own writing and feelings when I wrote it.

Posts with * denote the older ones when I coded everything by hand, prior to my move to the WordPress format. Therefore those are a little slower in loading. Also, you will not be able to comment on those because the Haloscan system I used is now defunct. So, if you like something email me! oceanicwilderness at

+Dinner Island Part II: Macro and Sunset
+Shore-Love Birds
+The Best Bread Ever
+Blue Cake for Woe (Zoe)
+Snow Day
+Let’s go for a walk!*
+Possum Kingdom*
+Quiet Indoor*
+Fall in the Gardem*
+South Dakota*
+This is Fall*
+Big Sky*
+Hats on Cats
+The Texas Road Trip*
+The Call of the Scrub Jay*


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