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Here’s some eye candy, full of colors, of what was blooming two weeks ago in my parents’ yard.

Verbena on the left and two kinds of spiderwort, Tridescantia, on the right.

The amaryllis blooms were on their way out, but a few lingered.

Clockwise: Oxalis, snapdragons, good question with a fly, phlox.

Nicotiana, honeysuckle, columbine.

I think the one on top is a coneflower that is getting ready to bloom but mom, if you’re reading, feel free to correct me! We’ve worked hard on getting the side garden going, adding new plants and seeds and I spent a few evenings pulling weeds.

Chris has brought his variegated obsession (ok, I enjoy it too!) home with variegated sunflowers. On the right are four o’clocks that are almost blooming size. Loved having these in my yard in Florida.

Well, I guess that’s it! Wonder what will be lingering in the Texas heat in late June when we return to DFW?


  • chigiy

    Hey Misty,

    Your close-ups are so beautiful. Every year I tell myself I’m going to learn how
    to make beautiful close-ups. Maybe this year. Maybe not.

  • chel

    These are gorgeous. Wow! I should get Tom outside to take some photos of my garden at some point. There’s a few things that had their season that I would have loved to have captured on film, or even a few “before” and “after” shots to see how things are growing. I should do a photo of the garden every week for a year or something…

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