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Made | 2 Quilts and an Afghan

I recently had a bout of creativity and managed to get three blankets quickly made. The first two are for Connie’s twin girls, Eowyn and Tessa. Before we left for the Florida Trail mom was going through her fabric stash and getting rid of a lot of it, ok most of it, and I pulled a few pieces out that I thought would be fun to make as blankets. At first I didn’t really know who to make it for but then I realized I could make them for Connie’s kids. I crocheted her first son, Gabriel, a blanket, wow, nearly seven years ago, when I first learned to crochet.

I like the quilt thing because they are pretty easy to whip up; I did these in two days. I am not the best seamstress so there are some small flaws, but I did like how they came out. I used the craft size quilt batting which makes it easy not to have to stitch multiple pieces of fabric together.


Here’s the back of them:



I would like to perfect my stitching on the edging and figure out a different way to do it. But, this works. Loved having the letters on them, too.

Since my brother and sister in law are expecting again in late August, early September, I needed to get started on a blanket for Zoe’s little brother, Grayson! I went with crochet this time around.



I went with Lion Brand Cupcake yarn that I found on clearance at Big Lots. Go to BL sometime and look for yarn, it’s a good place to find a deal. The only problem is you had better get as much as you need in case you might run out! I did run out and had to go to two other BLs to find the correct colors.

I have something else on the hook, a shawl, but it is slow going because of the daintiness of the pattern and the fineness of the yarn. Getting the itch to do some pastels so I may be dragging them out soon.

Any craft projects you are working on?


  • Ana

    I would love to learn to make a quilt. I’ve always wanted to make one. Maybe I can find a making a quilt for dummies video on you tube or something. Those are awesome. Hand made stuff is always extra special

  • chel

    Congrats on the new member of the family! These are fabulous. I really want to learn how to crochet but I have SO many hobbies. What attracts me is the larger scale from a smaller process (if that makes sense) and the fact I would be able to bring it anywhere and do it at any time…

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