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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

A few weeks ago we went to Scarborough Fair, a renaissance festival south of Dallas. The last time I had gone was in highschool; I think it was a reward trip for all of the kids who passed the standardized test that we had to take. It has definitely grown in the last 12-15 years and since it was the weekend it was especially busy. There were lots of things to lust over but I enjoyed looking at the costumes. Chris’ brother has been volunteering as part of the cast for the last several years and spends time learning how to speak as they did during Tudor era England as well as other customs from that era. It’s pretty fun to get out and do something different. If I ever go again I’d like to dress up, though by the end of the day it was quite hot out! I can’t imagine walking around in those dresses in the heat!

This is Chris’ brother, he’s one of King Henry the VIII’s guards.

They do a great show at the beginning before everyone enters, some of it seems rehearsed while others are completely off the cuff.

One of the better shows was the bird show put on by a rescue sanctuary, Last Chance Forever. They brought out several owls and hawks as well as a caracara. I didn’t exactly have the right angle or lens on but it was fun to get some shots of these birds.

Part of the parade that comes through mid-day.


scarb7 copy

Chris’ brother there on the right.




I loved this dirt fairy lady. I had to quickly act as she came by, dabbing mud on unsuspecting folks’ noses.

It was incredibly fun and I’d love to go again next year!

For good measure.

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