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Working on the Moss Fern Wrap using’ Stampato Glitter yarn. This yarn was a trick to start with and I skipped the foundation single crochet for a general chain instead. This yarn is very slippery. I also must’ve left most of my hooks in storage when we moved from Florida so I am using an F instead of a G which is resulting in a slightly tighter pattern than the one shown in the link above.

Liking the pattern so far! Not sure what I will even use the shawl for but, hey, why not make it anyway? I bought the yarn on sale, 5 for $10 at a The Knitting Nook last Fall. Hard to pass up that good of a deal on yarn.

Back to hookin’! 😉 And I mean that in a non-red light district way. :p

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  2. […] think that’s about it. Just working around here and inching away on the moss fern shawl. I’m getting a lot of blogs written early this week so I can focus on doing some art. Been […]

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