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In Progress | Hollyhock in Pastel

After more than a year and a half hiatus from drawing I’m trying my hand at it again. I’ve been toting around some art supplies every time we went to a project but it had been gnawing at me to do this for awhile. So, here it is.

I go back and forth from thinking I’m doing ok to wanting to say it sucks. If I look across the room at it I think “oh, it looks good”, and then I look at it up close I think “who am I kidding?” So there it is.

I’ve had the photo I am working from printed for maybe three years. Yep. It’s been on the horizon to work on that long. I’m using some cheap pastel pencils and some cheap pastels. All my ‘good’ stuff is in storage. Still.

It works. I’m having fun. I like short sentences! heh!

I’ll repost when it is finished. Still have the crochet to work on and some books I want to read. Man, being bombarded with creative ideas is difficult.


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