Texas Wildflowers: Borrichia frutescens, sea ox-eye daisy







This is another plant I learned in my Coastal Plant Ecology course in college, Borrichia frutescens. Found in dunes and salt marsh areas this is a colorful favorite for those areas. This salt tolerant coastal native is a perennial and has a slight succulent feel if you pierce the leaf. This large colony was found at Texas Point NWR, but anywhere along the Texas coast you can find sea ox-eye daisy.

I imagine that the yellow flowers are great wildlife attractors, particularly butterflies and the brown seed heads would make interesting inclusions to cut flower arrangements. If you’ve got a bright sunny spot in your garden and are looking for natives, this is a great one to take a look at. Propagation by seed seems to be the method of choice, though cuttings are also listed in several sites.

There’s a similar plant, Borrichia arborescens which according to the USDA plant database only grows in Florida.

+Dave’s Garden page
+Florida Nature page
+Richard Lyon’s Nursery potential place to find this plant. I’ve been to this nursery in the Homestead area of Florida before and love it. Lots of unique plants that you won’t find elsewhere.
+Mellow Marsh Farm potential place to purchase this plant
+Black Olive East Nursery another place to check for availability
+IRC Natives for your Neighborhood page

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5 thoughts on “Texas Wildflowers: Borrichia frutescens, sea ox-eye daisy

  1. chel says:

    OOOOoooooooh- so beautiful!! I just planted two wildflower mixes and I’m so excited to see what pops up!

  2. Bern says:

    Its as if a flower is in an entire world of its own making.

    I especially like the side view shots and where it is slightly blurred as if they rays of the sun were being cast out into space.

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