Going Veg

About a year and a half ago, before we went on the AT I tried a week of going vegetarian while Chris was on a business trip. It was really easy for me then, I was able to cook what I wanted and try new recipes. I haven’t tried this again until the last two […]

Inching Along

Working on the Moss Fern Wrap using Di.ve’ Stampato Glitter yarn. This yarn was a trick to start with and I skipped the foundation single crochet for a general chain instead. This yarn is very slippery. I also must’ve left most of my hooks in storage when we moved from Florida so I am using […]

How Oceanic Wilderness got its name.

My brother recently texted me a photo of a book Oceanic Wilderness, but published in 2007 long after I started blogging as Oceanic Wilderness. It made me think that perhaps I should do a post on how I even came up with this name since I rarely blog about anything ocean related. So. I have […]

Wildlife Encounters: Speckled King Snake

I was a bit late in getting the perfect shot of this speckled king snake. We were driving down a narrow dirt road through private property, returning from the Preserve when I noticed a bit late that the stick laying across the edge of the road was in fact a speckled king snake. A quick […]

Made | 2 Quilts and an Afghan

I recently had a bout of creativity and managed to get three blankets quickly made. The first two are for Connie’s twin girls, Eowyn and Tessa. Before we left for the Florida Trail mom was going through her fabric stash and getting rid of a lot of it, ok most of it, and I pulled […]

Florida Trail Tales 9: S.R. 221 to S.R. 319

After resupplying in Shady Grove we got back on the trail through more private logging areas. This time we mostly followed well drained logging roads so there was no water involved—mostly! We had a few miles stretch between U.S. 221 before we crossed over U.S. 19. This was more of a major artery into Perry […]

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