Growing | Flowers

Here’s some eye candy, full of colors, of what was blooming two weeks ago in my parents’ yard. Verbena on the left and two kinds of spiderwort, Tridescantia, on the right. The amaryllis blooms were on their way out, but a few lingered. Clockwise: Oxalis, snapdragons, good question with a fly, phlox. Nicotiana, honeysuckle, columbine. […]

Thanks Mom!

This is my mom. Dad calls her Donna, I call her Mom and Moosie (a name I came up with in high school from Moo-Moo which I don’t know how that started) and Zoe, my niece, calls her Mimi. She’s cool and I love her. We like to shop together, do creative things, and somehow […]

Retro Writings

I’ve been writing here in some variation this blog for 9 years now. I started on a blogspot account rambling some crazy stuff, doing some weird memes and well, a lot of non-sense. That I won’t show you, but I will dig up some goodies that you may have missed if you haven’t been reading […]

Edible in the garden

Since planting a lot of the vegetables in early March (mom planted some in February, too) here’s a follow-up on how things are going. Right now the garden in the backyard is great but at the plot—not so much! We’re not sure what the culprit is, too many coffee grounds, too much water, who knows, […]

Prairie Fest 2011 Recap

It’s been over a week since Prairie Fest happened and I’m just now getting around to blogging it, but here it is! It was a gorgeous day, albeit windy, but still beautiful. Storms plagued the evening, but we were there during the pre-lunch hours so it was great during that time. The place was crawling […]

The Egg Hunt

A few of my favorites from Easter, I took tons so I picked a few to share. If you are friends with me on FB the rest of the album is over there. Zoe had a blast looking for eggs, is now smart enough to organize and separated the plastic ones from the hard boiled […]