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Argiope aurantia juvenile | Black and Yellow Argiope




I’m not looking forward to these spiders getting larger, they seem to get bigger by the day. We keep walking into their webs on an hourly basis, thankfully Chris is the web walker most days. Took me a bit to figure out which spider this was because it was a juvenile but I found a great resource here.

I love spiders from a distance and always see very cool ones in the mud and even walking on the water and floating plants in the Thicket. Wish I had my camera for those shots but when you are waste deep in mud and water, and carrying equipment and such, it isn’t a good idea.

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  • Sara

    We used to carry “magic sticks” when gallivanting through the woods in Decatur. Mostly for the mutant size western orbs… But we would see a few yellow and black too. No fun taking a web to the face!

    PS I just LOVE these photos!

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