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Hollyhock Pastel—Finished?


Finishing something is a struggle for me. At what point is it done? Right now I am struggling with the background. I don’t particularly like it. I tried to mimic the photo, the blurry background and all but I’m not liking it too much. What do you think? I was thinking of blending it more and making it a more generic darker/darker green background. I just don’t know.. What I want to do is spray it and put it away but I also don’t want something crappy lingering around either.

I did the main part of the flower with pastel pencils, which I actually liked except I’d invest in better ones next time as the ‘lead’ kept coming out and I had a doozy of a time sharpening them. The background is regular old pastels.

Opinions please!

I’ve got a backlog of posts to write: 3 final Florida Trail Tales, at least two more Watson Preserve posts, a trip to the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, two separate Moody Gardens posts (an aquarium and rainforest in Galveston), some book reviews, and some photos of the garden at home when I did a quick trip home last weekend for an interview. So, that should keep me busy for the next week!

In other news, we’re just working along here in Beaumont still. Project should last maybe two more weeks, possibly three? Who knows, more plots keep getting added so I’m just here until it ends (or the job I interviewed for calls me!). After that, I don’t know. We tossed the idea of finishing the Long Trail up in July but we haven’t settled on details for that yet, mostly because we didn’t know how long this job would last and now that I potentially could get this other job it all hinges on that.

I want to get out and take some photos this weekend, get some flower shots and and maybe a landscape or two. Scouted a few areas out recently plus we’ve been to a few neat areas while working that I’d love to revisit.

That’s about it for now! What is going on with you?


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