Critters and Canoes

Our project here in the Big Thicket will be wrapping up here in a week or so. Here are some of the cooler things I’ve dug out of our camera. We’re constantly seeing strange and interesting things, though the heat is getting to us now and by mid day we wish we were indoors!

05 23 11_1600
A bit out of focus but a cool mantis nonetheless.

05 23 11_1596
A creepy spider protecting her eggs

05 24 11_1587
A variegated violet

05 24 11_1577
Some worm or caterpillar was in this cypress needle covered thing and it must’ve fallen loose from the limbs above because we found it dangling at about 5′ above ground. By the time we left it had pulled itself up another 10′.

05 31 11_1498
Getting ready to work on a plot

06 07 11_1423
This is the sweetest dog. If it were a dog friendly hotel we were staying in someone would’ve taken her home by now. Our coworker may be taking her at the end of the project. Anyway, we had to come down a bayou to a picnic area where this dog and its mom were staying. The mom takes off every time and this dog stays around mostly. She started off skittish but now is accustomed to us and will accept food. First we gave her scraps of our own food and then we started taking dog food. Apparently she became spoiled with wet dog food and now refuses dry food. Very sweet dog!

06 15 11_1355
Some tall cypress knees! At least 5+ feet! Can’t imagine how deep it gets when there isn’t a drought! View it Large on Black

06 16 11_1351
Chris measuring trees with his calipers.

06 17 11_1337
Walking in Village Creek. This creek is low so we have to drag the canoe in some areas. Plus, the water feels good, albeit bathtub warm sometimes, in the afternoon heat.

06 17 11_1333

06 17 11_1332
Lots of downed logs to go around in the creek, too.

06 17 11_1330
We had some thick clay at one of our plots so while I was busy getting plants identified Chris had some fun making a face for the tree. I think the Spanish moss mustache is perfect!

Love being outside but the heat is becoming unbearable. And the spiders are getting ginormous. And we’re eaten up by chiggers. You know, the usual outside stuff.

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