Bird Butts, A Swim and a Gigantic Cypress

More from our work adventures. Only a few more days out here in the Big Thicket.

06 27 11_2139
We came across a similar nest last week but didn’t get a photo. This time we stopped to peek in…

06 27 11_2142
There were bird butts in there! The term ‘bird butts’ stems from ‘pony butt’ a baby pony we met in the Grayson Highlands on the AT. It carried over to my niece so she would want to see “pony butt” on video. Now any baby animal ends up with ‘butt’ at the end. So, baby bird butts were silently whining for their mom and their unhatched sibling was waiting patiently to come out (hopefully!)

Remember the big tupelo we found a few weeks ago? We found something bigger, though still not a champion size. We looked.

06 27 11_2143
This cypress was pretty darn large, 232 cm in DBH. To compare, the Senator in Florida is 135″ in diameter and ours is 91″ in diameter. Quite large but not Senator large.

06 27 11_2146

06 27 11_2154

06 27 11_2155

06 27 11_2157
It needed a three person hug.

06 20 11_2214
The other day we stumbled across a partially variegated beautyberry! Pretty cool find!

Found a possum climbing a tree…


One of our other coworkers swore he saw a porcupine one day but we are all unsure if it really could’ve been one, though supposedly they are in east Texas…so the running joke now is “it was a porcupine!”.

And normally we wouldn’t have attempted the following video, as the deepest we got was to our chest with our feet firmly on the bottom of the swamp, but this time we prodded the bottom with a stick and felt a very distinctly steep drop off. I guess we were going to go for a swim! We ditched all but our most essential gear, threw our boots and shovel across the channel and wrapped the GPS up in multiple baggies and off we went! This was our return trip.

Every day at work is a new adventure!

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  • Prem

    The Senator is in our neck of the woods on the north side of Orlando. It is amazing being in the presence of an organism so large and ancient.


  • chel

    Oh my GOSH- those tiny birds just made my heart burst wide open. How can anything be so small and so vulnerable?! It’s just amazing!

  • Mother

    Were the birds really alive? The tree looks like it could be Rose’s “lean on tree”(comics). Nice swim.

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