Perched Swallowtailed Kites

06 28 11_2220

06 28 11_2222

06 28 11_2224

06 28 11_2226

06 28 11_2229

06 28 11_2230

06 28 11_2231

06 28 11_2233

+On our second to last day of work on the Neches River and the Beaumont Unit of the Big Thicket National Preserve our animal score for the day were these perching swallowtailed kites.

+Only one other time have I ever seen these birds perched, once on the 8 miles of the Florida Trail between Loop Road and the Oasis Visitor Center several years ago. Normally they are constantly flying, searching for lizards to pick off on the trees.

+I am so happy to have these birds here in SE Texas so that I can visit them every year when they migrate through. I was definitely bummed to have left Florida in early February 2010 having missed their annual migration by a few weeks. Now I can come visit them a bit closer than Florida.

+Chris had his good camera since we were working on the boat that day but I just kept the point and shoot. I opted for trying to shoot through binoculars which are reflected in the close up photos. Not great photos but fun to look at anyway.

+Our project is over and now it is time for a new adventure. Not sure if we will be perched or flying. Or maybe both?


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