Hollyhock Pastel—Finished?

Finishing something is a struggle for me. At what point is it done? Right now I am struggling with the background. I don’t particularly like it. I tried to mimic the photo, the blurry background and all but I’m not liking it too much. What do you think? I was thinking of blending it more […]

Site Re-design

Had the urge to re-design the site. New banner some streamlining on the side bars…lemme know what you think. Honest opinions are wanted! I may change a few things still… Have lots to write but might be a few days before I get to that. I’m backlogged and of course I got the idea to […]

The Vegetarian Conundrum

I’d of thought that with vegetarianism and veganism being much more prevalent and accepted these days it wouldn’t be difficult for people to grasp the concept or get orders correct. It seems that it is increasingly common for wait staff and/or kitchen staff to continually screw up my order. I mean, really how hard is […]

Argiope aurantia juvenile | Black and Yellow Argiope

I’m not looking forward to these spiders getting larger, they seem to get bigger by the day. We keep walking into their webs on an hourly basis, thankfully Chris is the web walker most days. Took me a bit to figure out which spider this was because it was a juvenile but I found a […]

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