Bloom Scans

I said on Wednesday this could be a new addiction…and it is! My mother in law wanted to give it a try so we bought some flowers and had some fun with the scanner last night. Here’s our results. More experimentation in the future! I think this one is my favorite. I would like to […]

Birthday Blooms for Mom

Craig at Ellis Hollow always has beautiful flower scans and I’ve been wanting to try it for years. I finally got around to it. After scanning twice and realizing I needed to clean the glass on the scanner, I finally got one! This could be a new addiction! It’s my mom’s birthday and the flowers […]

Sewing How-To | Easy Baby Quilt

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a seamstress. I just wrote ‘sewer’ and realized it looked like the sanitary system, sewer, so now I realize why we don’t write that for a person who sews. *doh* Ok, back on track here. My sewing abilities began in 8th grade Home Ec […]

Carrots, Barns and other things

Last week I spent some time down near Houston doing a working interview. On my way back on Friday I kept an eye out for the Aggie barn located on Regan on Texas highway 6. It’s closer to Waco than College Station but on my relatively few trips down 6 to College Station I’ve always […]


9 years ago when we got married I became interested in genealogy. I posted to a lot of boards and asked questions, searching for relatives and I got some answers. I put together two gigantic binders and organized it all. Then it fell by the wayside. Other hobbies took over and on occasion I’d get […]

Local Adventures | Crosstimbers Trail at Fort Worth Nature Center

Let me tell you something. This post was a booger to put together. Why? Because I did a lot of research. Why? Because I don’t know everything—duh! First, a brief explanation of the Local Adventures title. While some aspects of it might be similar to Nature in the City posts they will differ in that […]

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