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What can I say, my niece is a little ham! She loves, loves, loves playing outside but the heat here in Texas is unbearable during the day. A quick jaunt in the mornings or evenings in the backyard has to suffice. She’s almost three and has boundless energy! Most of the time she’s great for the camera but sometimes she says enough’s enough and I put it away. But I love capturing these moments when she’s having so much fun, giggling at my mom (Mimi) standing on the swing and being goofy.

Sometimes I look back at photos I took four days after her birth and wonder where the time went? How was she ever that little? I ask these questions and she’s not even my own kid, but time flies fast and I don’t want it to speed up any faster than it already is. I’m relishing the poor grammar, not wanting to correct it because it is so darn cute! Zoe frequently uses “her” in place of “she” and it cracks me up! There isn’t a day that goes by that some sort of Zoeism doesn’t present itself, even when she is not there. We’ll say something and then repeat it in an exaggerating manner as if she was there.

I love this kid. Can’t wait to meet her brother who is supposed to arrive in late August but may arrive earlier. My sister in law has a high-risk pregnancy due to blood pressure so it really could be anytime between now and late August. Here’s hoping a little later than sooner!

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  • chel

    Best wishes and love to you guys and prayers that the little man stays inside as long as he can!

    And your niece is SO cute- I ADORE her shoes. I want some for me!!

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