Zoe | 3 years

I tried to find a photo of me holding a four day old Zoe but I think it is tucked away on a hard drive somewhere. I wanted to recreate it but Zoe was a bit fussy this morning so I opted out of that. Maybe on Saturday for her birthday party. Instead I took these after I’d painted some butterflies on her face. She was painting with my mom this afternoon and I convinced her to let me paint a couple butterflies while she kept telling me the paintbrush tickled on her cheeks.





I love my little niece…she says some funny things! She’s in love with coins right now (my brother said she doesn’t like the greenbacks—-yet.) and will come into the room and ask Uncle Chris for some money. So he stuffed a bunch of coins into her birthday card today which she was excited about. She then said she had to pay bills. Not sure what kind of bills 3 year olds have to pay!

*heart* her!


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