July in the Garden Plot

Not much is dealing with the heat here in Texas. We’re on a triple digit heat streak right now. I realize it is now August but I took these photos a week ago at the end of July and am just now getting around to posting them.

Walking around the plot you can tell who is and isn’t doing well in the garden…or I should way, what is and isn’t doing well in addition to who…because most of it depends on water!

After our disastrous round of spring crops, when we realized a bit too many coffee grounds had made the soil too acidic, some of that has leeched out and we are now having a good growing season again. I think these are purple hull beans that my mom planted.

Squash is also doing well in the plot, getting established.



Chris has been on an every other day regimen of watering otherwise everything will bite the dust in no time at all.

Out of all the herbs we planted the basil is the only thing still alive.



There are lots of ladybugs putting around the garden…a very good thing!


Corn is the other plant that is doing good—with adequate water of course. Some other corn plants in other areas of the plot have bit the dust. This is my brother’s crop.

Okra seems to be the hardiest of them all, putting out enough pods that we were able to finally make a meal of them a few nights ago.


This isn’t in our plot, but watermelons and other gourds are holding on, too.

Chris put together a list of things to grow during the tough Texas summers that we will be following in the future. I’m already looking forward to Fall crops and getting in cool season vegetables.

Anyone else surviving the summer heat and growing good edibles?


  • chel

    Our Roma tomatoes and basil are actually THRIVING- but I am keeping them in partial shade and watering twice a day. I am also keeping them VERY trim- not letting them grow taller than the cage and not really letting them fruit more than five or six at a time. Our eggplants and pumpkins are also thriving. The rain is not helping the eggplants blooms very much (it knocks them off the plant before they can turn into eggplants) but I’m diligently pollinating them and hoping for the best.

    My nasturtiums are *pbbbbllltt* I lost all the ones I planted in the spring and the ones I planted in early summer look terrible. Oh well. I keep trying and trying with them. My new obsession is Sweet Potato Vine- craz easy to grow, expands all over the place, and beautiful colors.

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