Settling In

Leo and Samson came home with us last weekend. They’d been at my parents’ house for a year and a half, far longer than I’d initially imagined. Since then they’d eased into life with my folks, and had been a good fill in for when Red, my parents’ cat, lost his sister Yoda last year. I think it helped ease the loneliness.

And Leo, the most rascally of the two cats, came to not whack my parents unless especially spooked or ready to rough house. He also learned to give them head butts, something we are mostly able to do on command with him by making kissing noises at him. He’s a goofy cat! Anyway, he’s fitting in well at the new place, Samson too. Though the first morning they were there Leo woke up an extra two hours before we did and made a noisy, whiny racket.

Between work and getting things settled in we made it to the library. Or, I should say I made it to the library. Chris had already been there, just about every day since we moved in. We are having a doozy of a time finding someone to service internet to our house so he is using the library to search for jobs. Finally on Monday I was able to go because they are open late that night and we got library cards. I was in my realm then. I checked out the book above, which is really good so far, and picked out a few vegetarian cook books and one book on plant bulbs. I spied a zillion other books I want to read, including Between a Rock and Hard Place, aka: the 127 Hours movie. We recently rented the movie at RedBox and so now I want to read the book. Normally I do it the other way around—I’m currently seeking The Help, but the library has a wait list of 200+ and the used book store didn’t even have it. Anyone out there have a copy they’ve read and want to send it to me media mail? I’ll return it if you want, or I’ll put it back in circulation at the used book store.

The best part about settling in was getting our king bed. Since we have been married we’ve slept on a full sized hand-me-down bed. Because we’d rented for so long we’ve put off buying grown up furniture for years. When we moved we got rid of most of our furniture, including our bed, and so that forced us to break down and get a good bed. Oh, why did we wait 9 years?! This bed is the best!

We haven’t had much of a chance to explore the area yet, but hopefully soon. We’ve got a few creeks and parks we want to check out, though. I’ve got a project up my sleeve—something I’m not willing to debut yet because, well, it’s going to be a very long and intensive project. No, NOT a baby—but it could be likened to that. It is something I have not really taken seriously until now and I’m finding it more difficult than I’d even imagined. Hopefully I can make some decent head way with it and get to a point that I’ll write about it.

I traveled to the Texas Panhandle late last week for work, so I’ll have a post up about that later on this week!


  • Elizabeth

    Glad to hear you guys are cozy in your new place!

    Doesn’t a good bed make a difference? We were gifted a mattress for our wedding…we just had to go pick it out. Then it was at MY house for 3-4 months before we were married and Kevin forbade me sleeping in it before he moved it.

    I totally slept there every night and then hid the evidence so he wouldn’t know. Best sleep ever.

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