Helping Hands Community Garden

Chris didn’t waste time finding the community garden where we could get some plots. The garden itself is different than the one my mom and brother have at the Common Grounds garden, a bit differently run and definitely less activity from individuals. In fact, we were able to score two plots for ourselves and then Chris is working on four other empty plots since no one else is managing them. The extra food grown will go to the food bank next to the plot. Another difference is that we barely see anyone else tending their crops other than a few people, and even those people will water everyone else’s plots, which seems weird because it almost incurs less interest for those plot owners to come to tend their own garden. *anyway*…

Some of what we’ve planted.

Here’s a little tour of the place:






Loved playing with the perspective on this!


  • Stacey

    I love that you guys enjoy gardening! There is little that is as satisfying as growing your own food. Isn’t it interesting how some community gardens will be buzzing with activity and there is a waiting list to get a plot, and then others are a bit more slow? I look forward to seeing pictures of what you guys plant in your plot!

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