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Two weekends ago our friends Meghan and Jesse came down for a mini-vacation to Jesse’s parents’ beach house. They live in the D.C. metro area and so I used to try to see her when I went up to D.C. for work when I was in Florida, but the last time I saw them was in Harpers Ferry last summer while we were on the A.T.

It was nice to meet up with them and their extended families and some of their friends. Here’s a bit of what we saw:

The house is right on the intercoastal waterway so we watched barges and boats coming and going.

Chris got some fishing in. He ended up with a keeper flounder, which I helped him eat a few nights later. I’ve decided if Chris catches fish then I will eat it. (Being a new vegetarian, I have eaten meat on a few minor occasions this summer. After I eat it, I enjoy it, but it doesn’t necessarily make me need it.)

Our college friend Allison got a ride on the tube with Jesse pulling her….wild ride!


The evening of the first day Chris and I went over to the beach to walk for awhile and scope the scene out. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sargassum sign. I get so *sick* of people complaining about the Texas Gulf Coast and the sea weed and it’s trashy this and trashy that. Dude, if you leave the sargassum the beach builds up—if you don’t the beach will erode more and then you’ll spend taxpayer money siphoning sand from off shore for beach renourishment projects. Plus, I’m a weird one and love the smell of rotting sargassum.

The house is an example of why you should not buy a house on the beach. In Texas anything in front of the vegetation line is public property.


This bird had an injured leg but it let us get close enough to get a few decent shots.

A true Texas sunset—refineries in the background!


I would love to get back on the beach in the coming months and camp for a weekend. Need to scope a place out!

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  • Moosie

    That was fun. I really miss camping at the state park on Galveston.
    Lot’s of fun!!!!! I miss hearing the sea gulls and waves. And the wind blowing!!!!!

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