Autumnal Thoughts

+It’s the end of a weird week. Started off with a holiday on Monday, which was wonderful and we got a 13+ mile hike in at the Sam Houston National Forest. Tuesday was busy at work and then yesterday I was in the field and had a very long day, not returning home until well after 8pm. Then the smoke from the nearby fires lingered in the air causing our office to let everyone work from home on Thursday if they had something to work on. Feeling a little disjointed after having some semblance of routine.

+Excited to see the family this weekend as we go up to get the last remaining bits of things we have up in DFW. It might be a few months before we get back up there because we have various things planned in the coming months but I know some of them might come down to see us.

+Had an interesting conversation with a fellow at McDonald’s the other day when I went up to check email and write blogs. Well, interesting because the guy bordered on annoying. Here I was moving to a new, small town by choice and this guy had lived here his whole life and wanted to get out. Financial and personal situations aside, if you want to move, move. The guy then went on to complain about the police and just had random thoughts that I kindly tried to listen while also paying more attention to my laptop, hoping he’d get the hint. Just made me think about how easy it is to think we’re stuck in a situation permanently, when most of the time it is only a choice to stay stuck.

+We had a brief encounter with fall the other day. Beautiful temperatures, crispness in the air, of course this was also the day the fire started. Chris crushed my dreams of the coming Autumnal Equinox by saying that the highs would be back in the high 90s later this week. *bummer*

+Crops are coming in good at the garden. Might be battling some sort of fungus on our zucchini but aren’t sure yet. Did some spraying of milk on the leaves and picked a few of the worst ones off, but I’m still not convinced yet. Normally I don’t really worry about plants having problems, mostly because in Florida anything in the curcurbit family would just keel over in days because of bugs. I gave up and stuck with tomatoes and things that wouldn’t be eaten by vine boring bugs.

+Planning our meals out has become so fun that I almost don’t want to eat out when it is our eat out night. Chris begs to differ because he wants a night off from cooking, but I like eating at home and having good meals. It has really shown us how much we do and don’t eat and how much we forget what we have even though our fridge and cabinets are not as stocked to the brim as they were at our house in Florida.

+Working on an Adventure Reading blog post to come next week, I think. I’m hoping to finish Between a Rock and a Hard Place, aka: the 127 Hours movie, before I write it up. Saw the movie a few weeks ago and then got the book at the library. So far it is much more detailed the movie, more about his life in adventure prior to that fateful day in the desert canyon. Good reading so far!

+Want to try to move forward on photography soon, but might have to be redoing my portfolio because I pretty much broke my backup hard drive with the important files on it. Chris has been working on it but has been unsuccessful so far and the hard drive company said that it would cost between $700 to $2000 for them to fix. So, Chris is going to be attempting more fixes for awhile. I basically broke the USB connection that goes to the hard drive and while Chris can get some sort of connection he can’t access the folders. Anyone tech-minded know of a solution?

+It’s my dad’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

+What is going on with you?


  • chel

    Feel free to shoot Tom an email about the hard drive thing (duff at atollsw dot com) or friend him on Facebook- he can usually think of some patches to get things to work long enough to retrieve important files. Maybe he’ll have an idea!

  • Katie @KatieDid

    oh no sorry to hear about the hard drive, that is so frustrating and one of my fears… losing everything.
    And meal planning… I want to do more of this but I just find that in the moment I make whatever I’m craving or have on hand. That might make for a good post topic… what a week of meals looks like for you two. Happy weekend!

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