Goodbye Summer

+Summer is gone. Well, not officially, the autumnal equinox is still a week or so away. But, the lighting is different, it gets dark earlier and light later. I don’t like the light later thing, rather I don’t like either one. I’d prefer if it got light at about 5:30am daily and got dark at about 10pm. Year round. At the very least, in the winter it should get dark only at about 8pm, no earlier.

+Working on some posts for next week. I’ve got a list of adventure books that I’m writing about, plus I’ll have a post about a week of our pre-planned meals and how they work out. We’re going to do another long day hike this weekend so I’ll have a post on that I’m sure. Plus, I crocheted some baby hats for two coworkers that are having kids soon and so I had Leo model them for me. He’s good at that. Samson wouldn’t cooperate so Leo got the modeling duties.

+Trying this yoga thing about more. I got a really good book at the library, so good I renewed it. Right now I am working on mastering some poses before I start working on a series of poses. I am out of shape. Yes, hiking all those miles in the last year was good cardiovascularly but my stretching ability is almost nonexistant. I can still touch my toes but my days of doing splits and other gymnastic tricks are long gone. I always drool at the really cool yoga poses like scorpion pose, but I know I have to work my way up. Right now I am focusing on headstand, which I’ve been able to get up in and stay for several seconds, but my goal is to get to a minute in the nearer future. Was mostly inspired by Katie’s post on it. Yesterday I was up for a few seconds and came down early because I noticed ants walking across the floor. They looked very large and much darker upside down!

+Part good news on my hard drive problem, I found some tiff files without my signature on the files of all of my photos that are on our website. Bummer news it that other files besides that are still on the hard drive. So, I can print ‘good’ photos but other photos I don’t know about. I’m also going to be eliminating some photos from the portfolio; I decided there are several that aren’t strong enough. Frankly I do not like a lot of my landscapes, I’m just not that strong at them.

+Chris and I are getting two large canvases of our photos printed. See, I’m pretty easy going on agreeing to a photo but Chris usually doesn’t like what I like. So, we’ve had to debate on what photos of mine to print. It is very frustrating! Anyway, the one of mine we decided to print isn’t on the website but hopefully in the next few weeks it will be. I’m going to be reworking them all and then getting much more serious about selling stuff. Still up in the air about portrait photography. Really want to do it but not sure how to go about finding clients, especially in a new area. Hrm.

+Just finished a book that I will be chronicling on the adventure book post, but I’m about to delve into teen novels with The Hunger Games. I actually don’t know much about it, kind of how I was with Twilight. My basic premise for reading them is to read the books before the movie comes out, much like I did with Twilight. I read it literally days before it came out in theaters. I come late to the game most of the time. I was going to lament that one of my favorite recent YA series A Great and Terrible Beauty should be made into a movie and what does Google get me?….a movie! in 2013. Sweet! Well, crap. More digging has given me this movie canceled from the author herself. Damn!

+I guess that’s about it. I need to spend some time doing some creative things in the next week…getting some projects rolling more.

+Oh yeah, our AT/FT friend Speaker….he’s paddling the Mississippi from Source to Sea. Right now!


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