Early September in the Garden

Chris spends most mornings at the plot watering and doing random chores. Right now we’re waiting on compost before starting more seeds in other beds. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on:

Watermelon’s from a school’s plot. We took one of them but it was not quite ripe and very seedy.

Chris hand pollinated a few watermelon flowers to see if he could get a few more out of the season.

Brussels sprout seedlings…I think Chris said Long Island Improved is the variety.

sweet potato
Sweet potato vine flower

Remember it a few weeks ago?

Sumter cucumbers.

More cukes

The corn and zucchini bed

Little zucchini flowers!!


I went around doing random low-to-the-ground shots without looking through the lens…

And macro watermelon flowers up top with a zucchini leaf on the bottom.

Things are growing like crazy! Pays off that Chris is full time gardener right now!

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5 thoughts on “Early September in the Garden

  1. Who knew sweet potatoes sprouted such gorgeous flowers! Makes me love them even more.

  2. Chris (hubby) says:

    Gardener in the morning and job searcher the rest of the day 🙂

  3. Gayle says:

    I want some samples from the harvest!! Fun pictures. Thanks for sharing them- I kept wondering what the plots looked like– complete with a skunk ape shirted person.

  4. Moosie says:

    Looks good!!!!

  5. chel says:

    OH WOW! I am all over this post! 🙂 We just planted some cucumber seeds, and *one* of my pumpkin vines started growing again. Also, the tomato and basil and the eggplant (especially the eggplant) are starting to bounce back. I’m excited for this next phase of growing. Last year at this time I was just starting out, but now I have a zillion ideas and plans and just need the weather to cool down a *tiny* bit.

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