Scenes from a Monday

Went to DFW on Sunday and Monday to finish getting the rest of our stuff and to see the family. Here’s a small snapshot..

Zoe showing off her purse sent from Elizabeth’s mom.

Really excited about the animal inside the purse, too!

Goofing off with my dad, PawPaw, during his lunch break.

Grayson tucked away in his sleeper, cozied up in the blanket I made him.

He smells so good!

Pumpkin vines are taking over the side yard at my parent’s house!

Grayson and my brother scoping the pumpkins out.

Oh, we found a little pumpkin! He definitely didn’t like that and was swooped out quickly.

There’s the real pumpkin!

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4 thoughts on “Scenes from a Monday

  1. Chris says:

    Aw, that poor little pumpkin! 🙂

    You have the cutest niece and nephew ever!

  2. Moosie says:

    Awwwww! Grayson did not think that was fun. Miss y’all bunches!

  3. chel says:

    Ohhh the cuteness!! (I just yanked my last pumpkin vine- time to start fresh…)

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