Yesterday we were all ready to go to DFW for the weekend, it was about 2:30 pm. We were heading into town to return a RedBox before heading out and as we approached town we’d noticed that the fires were flaring up. It had been a peaceful morning with no smoke and we’d decided that […]

Autumnal Thoughts

+It’s the end of a weird week. Started off with a holiday on Monday, which was wonderful and we got a 13+ mile hike in at the Sam Houston National Forest. Tuesday was busy at work and then yesterday I was in the field and had a very long day, not returning home until well […]


Two weekends ago our friends Meghan and Jesse came down for a mini-vacation to Jesse’s parents’ beach house. They live in the D.C. metro area and so I used to try to see her when I went up to D.C. for work when I was in Florida, but the last time I saw them was […]

Stop, Drop and Roll

Yesterday, Labor Day here in the U.S., we had stopped in at the McDonald’s in our town to get some recipes so we could go grocery shopping for the week. When we left to drive across the street to the store we noticed a fire to our north west that had just started within thirty […]

Morning Walk

It is our first full weekend here in our new town. The first weekend we went back home, last weekend we went to the beach to visit with friends and this weekend while we are doing some things in various greater Houston areas, we are sticking to local. This morning we got up at our […]

Little Brother, Big Sister.

I finally got around to finishing the processing of the rest of the photos from our trip to DFW to see our new nephew. “What is going on here?” Chris with my parent’s dogs, Isabelle on the left and Daisy on the right giving that goofy face. Zoe looks like she’s got a brand new […]

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