A Quiet Corner

‘Kohleria Bristols Possibly Bronze’


‘Alsobia dianthiflora’


‘Rob’s Boolaroo’

‘Chirita Silver Surfer’




We had this bookcase from my mom which her dad had built. It’d been sitting in the garage holding other things and mom said we could take it for extra shelving. It now holds what books we have and Chris’ little collection of violets and violet allies. It’s cozy little corner and we always leave the blinds open to let some dim light in. Below, Samson will lay in his cat bed in the dim light of the window on the other wall.

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One thought on “A Quiet Corner

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So pretty.

    I have a variety of violets that grow wild in my back yard. At one point I identified them, but I can’t remember what they were now. And they’ve been mowed over :/

    I’m going to get some houseplants soon because the one I’d had for 10 years died this summer. Any suggestions?

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